The Lighthouse Restaurant

On a bit of a whim, we decided on Saturday to treat ourselves to some nice nosh and try out a restaurant we haven't been to before. It's been quite a while since we've treated ourselves to a really good meal out. I did a search on google and looked at a few restaurant guides and came across the Lighthouse Restaurant in Cleveland, Brisbane.  Having visited Raby Bay many times we couldn't believe that we'd never heard of this restaurant which is just down the road from Raby Bay.

The Lighthouse restaurant, as the name suggests, is situated next to a lighthouse on a spit of land sticking out into Moreton Bay (or is it Redland Bay?). It was pitch-black when we arrived and there's very little lighting in that area. It all adds to the atmosphere though - we sat outside to eat and couldn't see the waves but could hear them gently lapping against the bank just a few metres in front of us.

The food was pretty good as well. I had my usual favourite starter - mussels in white wine sauce, and followed this with 'Earth and Sea', described on the menu as '350 g grain fed rib fillet topped w ½ Moreton Bay bug, prawns & garlic cream sauce atop roasted chats & seasonal greens. Delicious! We had Lauren with us so we treated ourselves to dessert and shared some ridiculously tasty chocolate concoction and Croquembouche.

It was a very good meal but we've all been on a serious health kick lately so all of that with wine and coffee was a bit of a shock to the digestive system and I for one felt like a bag of crap on Sunday. Some serious detox needed!

Prime Beef

Following up from my last post, when Mike mentioned he was taking me to a nice steak restaurant in Sydney I expected a 'Sizzler' or something like that. Instead, we went to the Prime restaurant in the GPO Sydney building where they have a steak on the menu for $155.

I thought I new about steak until I went there.

Their speciality is Wagyu beef and according to the menu:

Wagyu is a western term for a collection of Japanese bloodlines (Wa-Japan, Gyu-Cattle).

It is generally accepted that Wagyu beef is the highest grade, and tastiest beef in the world. The marbling of the Wagyu beef is the Prime characteristic that contributes to its tenderness, juiciness and most importantly its flavour.

The highest grade of Wagyu has a marbling score of A12. However, this is only available in Japan. While other breeds of cattle are not given a marbling score, it can be said for comparative reasons that other breeds of cattle having a maximum marbling score of 3.

In Australia, Wagyu branded meat is predominantly F1 crosses between Wagyu and Angus cattle. The Japanese preference when the Wagyu is not Full Blood, is for F1 crosses to be between Wagyu and Holstein cattle which we have chosen for your enjoyment in Prime.

Outside Japan there is a limited supply of Full Blood Wagyu and an even more limited supply of marble score plus 9 Wagyu.

The plus 9 Wagyu selected for Prime is the highest scored Wagyu product available outside Japan and has been sourced from David Blackmore, Australia.

So what did it taste like you may ask? God knows, the meal was on company expenses so I didn't dare go for the Wagyu. I would have been sacked on Monday!

Instead I went for the more modest Black Angus - Scotch Fillet (300g), Rib eye without bone, 200-250 days grainfed, full matured at 24-36 months old. It was nice, but I couldn't help wonder what the Wagyu would have tasted like.

I seem to be drooling.

A Washed-Out Weekend

Steph and Lucy's first weekend in Oz wasn't the best. We've had glorious weather for weeks now but since they've arrived it has been miserable.

We did take them to Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast on Saturday and braved the beach for a short while, but the wind was that strong we were getting sand-blasted.

We've not had much luck with restaurants either. We went to Amici's, an Italian restaurant on the South Bank in Brisbane Friday night, but the service was atrocious and the food pretty bland. Then, with the weather being bad on Saturday we went for a long lunch while down on the Gold Coast. And it was a long lunch. Again, the service was crap, we waited ages and when our meals finally arrived they screwed up the order. Gordon Ramsey could do with taking a trip out here for his next series of Kitchen Nightmares! Seriously though we're being really unlucky at the moment because it's not normally this bad.