Above the Gold Coast

Here's a couple of shots taken from the Skydeck observation deck at the top of Q1 on the Gold Coast. 

You need a lot of patience when taking shots from the Q1. The place was packed with selfie-stick wielding tourists, and of course, most of them had their flash turned on, which reflects off the glass and ruins everyone's photos including their own.

The first shot is looking north just as the last light of the day is setting on the horizon.

The second shot is looking south past Surfers Paradise down towards Broadbeach.

First Basin Cataract Gorge


Following on from yesterday's photo of Cataract Gorge, this is a shot from the First Basin of Cataract Gorge looking towards the suspension bridge. Now this was tranquil! What you can't see is that above where I was standing is a chair lift that you can take across the gorge. Unfortunately it stops running at 5:30pm so I missed it. On one side of the basin there's some beautiful botanical gardens, and on the other side there's a huge public swimming pool and Cafe. If this were anywhere else in the world the whole place would be packed with visitors. This being Tasmania however, it was relatively quiet for the middle of summer.

Reflections at Cataract Gorge


I was only in Launceston, Tasmania for one night, and didn't think I would get time to visit Cataract Gorge, which would have been a shame as the place is amazing! I forgot about daylight savings (which we don't have in Queensland). That combined with the latitude of Tasmania meant it wasn't getting dark until around 9pm. That's a big difference when you're used to night setting in at 7pm in Queensland.

This photo was taken at the lower end of the gorge, fairly close to the city where the South Esk river flows into the Tamar river (or maybe the other way round, not sure).

Doesn't it look lovely and serene? What you can't tell from the photo is that those little shits in the bottom right had an old-school ghetto-blaster with them blasting out gangster rap music.

I'll post another photo later showing what I found when I got to the north-side of the gorge.