Curtis Falls


Monday was a pubic holiday for the Queen’s birthday. It’s a little bizarre that we colonial commoners in Australia get a day off for Her Maj’s birthday yet the same is not true in the UK.
We contemplated saying ‘Fu** you Monday’ and staying in bed, but given we didn’t do much on Saturday or Sunday we forced ourselves out of bed and went down to the Gold Coast hinterland to get some rainforest action.

This is Curtis Falls on Tamborine Mountain, not the biggest falls I grant you, but it’s one of the waterfalls on Tamborine mountain that we had yet to tick off our list.

Tamborine Mountain is part of the Scenic Rim, a group of mountain ranges that straddle the border between Queensland and New South Wales.  I’m 38 and I still chuckle to myself when I say the words ‘Scenic Rim’!

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