Decision Time

Continuing with the wedding planning, on the 13th April we went away for the weekend (well, just one night actually) as we had a decision to make. After setting the date we wanted to get the invites out in the post as soon as possible so we could give friends and family in the UK plenty of notice.
We had already decided that we would only want a small civil ceremony – basically a prelude to a piss up, and we’d also want to do something a little bit different. We looked at plenty of options and there were two options that we liked the look of. The first option was to have a wedding up in the mountains. The second option was a river cruise, where we would have the ceremony and a party on board the river boat.

So on the Saturday in question we went up to Mooloolaba to check out the River Cruise and then we went and spent one night in the Treetop Houses of Montville in the Glasshouse Mountains.

We ended up being really impressed with both. The river cruise looks to be just the right size for the small gathering that we want, and cruising through the Mooloolaba canal system at sunset definitely has a romantic ring to it. The menu options also look fabulous and apparently the seafood buffet is award-winning. Whereas the Treetop Houses is somewhere we’d definitely recommend for a romantic getaway.

After checking out the river boat in the afternoon, we made our way up to the Treetop Houses. We had booked to stay one night in a Treehouse, and yes, they are actually houses on stilts up in the trees.


This was our version of camping – it had 2 bedrooms and a lounge with a large tv and wood fire! We did have a few problems with the fire though. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve made a fire and in an attempt to get it going we ended up smoking the house out. We ended up having to have the door and windows open for hours to clear the smoke and stench, which kind of defeated the purpose of having the fire (by that time it had started getting cold in the evenings).

In the evening we tried out their restaurant. The quality of the restaurant was really important to us because, if chosen, they would be catering our wedding.

They didn’t disappoint. The food was fantastic – one of the best meals I’ve had since arriving in Australia.

After the meal we went back to the treehouse to snuggle up by the fire and before long, a possum appeared sniffing up against the door. Lauren went right up to it and it wasn’t scared at all – it must be used to getting scraps of food from the guests.

The next morning we had a good look around the site and found a few picturesque spots which would make a good location for the ceremony.

So, we had a decision to make. We talked it through and agreed that both options would be fantastic, but the river cruise is the one we’ve settled on. Getting married up in the mountains near Kondililla Falls would certainly be romantic, but we want the main theme of our wedding, if there is a theme, to be fun, and simply put, we reckon it will be more fun on the boat!

The boat only fits about 30 guests so it really is going to be close friends and family. Invitations are in the post.

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