M&S International Delivery

I’ve been contacted by a guy from LBi who are running a marketing campaign for Marks and Spencer.  He made me aware that M&S now offer international delivery and wondered if I would mind blogging or tweeting about it.
For all you fellow British Expats, M&S are currently running a survey where you have a chance to win a £250 gift card.  The survey is available at – http://www.marksandspencer.com/gp/node/n/206905031.

Unfortunately, the one thing I do miss about M&S – their food – is of course one of the things that isn’t included in international delivery.  I appreciate the impracticalities of achieving this.  What I say is – forget about delivery, open up a Food store in Brisbane, there’s definitely a market for it.  There’s nothing here that can compete in terms of luxury convenience food.  If you can open up stores in Gibraltar and Singapore, why not Australia?

Marks and Spencer survey

I’ve done a quick survey of a few expats and it seems quite a lot of the women are missing the M&S trouser-suits.  With a £20 delivery charge to Australia though, and after taking into account the exchange rate and relative incomes over, you would have to really love M&S clothing to go for international delivery!

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