Hello Again

I’m back.  Madness over.
The reason I’ve been so busy over the past few months is because I’m responsible for maintaining ISO 27001 certification (Information Security quality management standard) for the company I work and we had our 3-year re-certification audit due.  For the past year that I’ve been managing the process I wasn’t happy with the system they had in place, so for some mad reason I offered to develop them a completely new Intranet-based system to replace the mass of spreadsheets and word documents we were previously using.  They agreed, but the condition was that I had to get it in place for the re-cert audit, we had to pass the audit, and I would only be given 1 day per week to do it.

Suffice to say I bit off a bit more than I could chew and ended up spending the majority of my own time in those last few weeks finishing off the system and preparing for audit.  The good news is we passed with flying colours, I’ve had some really good feedback on my system and we’re now even talking about turning it into a commercial offering.

As I type this I’m at Sydney airport waiting to fly back to Brisbane after conducting 2 days of security audits for a client.  I’m not happy that I’ve been lax in updating this blog over the last few weeks but I fully intend to make up for it.  I’ve got plenty of blog posts waiting in the wings and stuff coming up over the next few weeks will give me plenty to report on.  Watch this space.

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