Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-15

  • Surrounded by mums and babies. Some of whom clearly need their nappies changing. The stench is spoiling the aroma of my coffee. #
  • No work today in lieu of Friday. Having brekkie at the mall followed by a spot of shopping, then haircut, then back to work on IPChitChat. #
  • Trying out dropbox for those occasions when I work on a client computer and need my files – #
  • At the launderette because our washing machine has broke. Long time since I’ve done this! #
  • How to start a Sunday morning – watch Liverpool kick Man Utd’s arse! #
  • Last night’s party was great – pool, chocolate fountain, BBQ, smash the piñata, all the great ingredients. #
  • Audit over. Job done! Fully intend to let my hair down this weekend and get back to BAU on Monday. #
  • iTunes 8.1 DJ + Apple Remote for iPhone = Party 2.0? (via @Ed_Dale). How geeky is that? in reply to Ed_Dale #
  • First day of audit complete. No dramas. The last few weeks of work madness seems to have paid off. 1 more day then I can rejoin the living! #

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