Aussie ‘Sour Grapes’

I’ve just been watching this video on the BBC website about supposed Aussie sour grapes over the success of team GB. If you get any Aussies throwing out the same line that ‘it’s not England, you can only beat us if you combine your countries’, just point out to them that most of Australia’s golds have come from Queenslanders. In fact, my home town of Brisbane is doing pretty well. Brisbane’s Stephanie Rice is bringing home 3 gold medals. We’re all very proud!

Actually, the Aussie sour grapes aren’t as bad as the UK media makes out. The news reporters over here have expressed surprise at how well team GB as done, but I have found when I’ve watched the games that if Australia isn’t represented in a particular event they do get behind the Brits. I’ve even heard the words ‘the Brits are awesome this year’ come out of the TV.

It’s all to do with the Commonwealth you see. I think I’ve heard the word ‘Commonwealth’ mentioned more times in the 15 months I’ve lived in Australia than the entire 32 years I lived in the UK. I thought the ‘Commonwealth’ was pretty much a dead term only to be brought out for the Commonwealth games, until I arrived here. Not so, the antipodeans love it. Australian federal law is even known as Australian Commonwealth Law, which is passed in the Australian Commonwealth Parliament.

I wonder if the Commonwealth would be more important to Britain if GB wasn’t part of the EU?

I’m happy to support both GB and Australia in the Olympics, which, as the time of writing, puts my personal Gold tally at 27 – more than the US!

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