Office Move

We moved into new offices today at work. The company I’m working for as outgrown our previous office so had to look for new premises. The problem is, because of a rise in rental prices the company could no longer afford the lovely CBD (Central Business District) location for the office capacity that we now need. So we’re now moved to Fortitude Valley.

I now have to get the train to Brunswick St station for work. The train service is pretty good, it’s not overcrowded (I was able to get a seat easy enough this morning), and the commute time is roughly the same time as before. The problem is, Fortitude Valley is not one of the nicest places. When I leave Brunswick St Station to walk to the office I now pass sex shops, peep shows, strip clubs, druggies and drunken aboriginals sitting on the street corner yelling abuse at everyone who passes. There’s a lingering stench of marijuana on the streets and you get the sense that you could be mugged at any moment. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. At night I’ve been told Fortitude Valley (or The Valley as it’s known to locals) is one of the best places in the city for nightlife, which isn’t much of a consolation.

I’ve just been out for lunch to explore the area. I was nice and settled at our previous location but now I need to find new places to eat / withdraw cash / get my haircut / etc.

That’s the moan over with. On the positive side the actual offices are much nicer with lots more space than we had previously. Plus my desk is positioned quite well so that I can at least have some privacy now.

As work goes I’ve just passed a major hurdle. The first Australian client that I’m taking through ISO 27001 certification has breezed through the stage 1 audit. So everyone is pleased with the work I did. I’ve been in Sydney every week for the past month but I’ve got a break now – I don’t need to go back until the 18th March, in preparation for the Stage 2 audit which will hopefully result in a certificate. The break from traveling is greatly appreciated.

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