Normal Service Resumes

The worst of the weather seems to behind us so it was business as usual this weekend. A lot of time was spent in the pool. We had a BBQ Saturday night with the neighbours, and I managed to get a gym session in on Saturday and a game of golf on Sunday morning.

The golf was hard work to say the least. Not just because it was the first time that I’ve played since coming to Australia and consequently I was rubbish (well, to be honest, I’m rubbish most of the time), but also because of the overbearing humidity. We only did 9 holes but by the end of it I looked like I’d just come out of the swimming pool, the sweat was dripping off me. Not an attractive look! I was speaking to someone from Melbourne last week and they said that even though Melbourne has been suffering 40 degrees heat in the last few week, in Brisbane it feels like 40 when it’s 30 due to the humidity. I dread to think what it’s like when it reaches 40 degrees here! Thank God we have the use of a pool. On that note I’ve been really proud to see how well Lauren’s swimming has come on in the last few weeks. She’s like a fish now. Her confidence has grown in bounds and she’s jumping in and swimming underwater, something she wouldn’t do only 2 months ago.

On the work front I’m being kept really busy. I’ve got 3 client projects, all 3 of which have strict deadlines to achieve security compliance or certification by March/April. So all of the clients are panicking in one way or another and in turn they’re piling the pressure on me to complete the work for them. Luckily, a lot of the work I do for one client can easily be copied (with a few tweaks) over to the next so to them it looks like I’m delivering way above expectations. Nevertheless, I don’t think I’ve had a job since being on operations in the Navy where I’ve been constantly rushed off my feet. I don’t mind though. The days go quick and after all, it is only 4 days a week.

On the business front development is continuing at a snail’s pace. Every time I think the developers are close to finishing and getting ready for handover I find another problem. After this is finished I reckon I can write a book about what to do and what not to do when outsourcing work to India!

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