Spider Bite

I’m the unlucky one! Living here it was bound to happen sooner or later and it happened to me – what a surprise! I’ve been bitten by, I think, a grey house spider (looked it up on the University spider finding website – very helpful) this is what it said;

“bites by Achaeaeanea species in Australia can cause moderate to severe local pain though probably no systemic effects.”

Moderate to severe is right it bloody kills! I went to work this morning and showed my colleague she took me straight to the chemist who gave me an ice pack and told me to go to the Dr’s. I went back to work and told my boss, she sent me home – I said I’d be fine and could go after work but they were having none of it.

I reluctantly gave in and went to the Dr he said I needed to rest and take anti-bi’s as these things can be prone to more severe infection. He gave me a sick note and told me to go home and rest. I don’t think he trusted me as he said “I mean really rest” as I was walking away! I now have some very strong painkillers and some very large anti-bi’s and am $98 worse off (Dr’s fee and prescription charge)

I hate Bloody Spiders

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