A Washed-Out Weekend

Steph and Lucy’s first weekend in Oz wasn’t the best. We’ve had glorious weather for weeks now but since they’ve arrived it has been miserable.

We did take them to Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast on Saturday and braved the beach for a short while, but the wind was that strong we were getting sand-blasted.

We’ve not had much luck with restaurants either. We went to Amici’s, an Italian restaurant on the South Bank in Brisbane Friday night, but the service was atrocious and the food pretty bland. Then, with the weather being bad on Saturday we went for a long lunch while down on the Gold Coast. And it was a long lunch. Again, the service was crap, we waited ages and when our meals finally arrived they screwed up the order. Gordon Ramsey could do with taking a trip out here for his next series of Kitchen Nightmares! Seriously though we’re being really unlucky at the moment because it’s not normally this bad.

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