Extreme Weather

We’re entering storm season now here in Brisbane. The weather has been pretty good during the day but most evenings we’ve had thunder and lightning. Last night we had a fantastic lightning storm. One really loud crack of thunder made us jump out of our seats. I ran upstairs to check Lauren was alright as I was sure it must have scared her to death, and unbelievably she was still asleep. How she had slept through that I’ll never know.

It’s getting really hot out here now, we were all wilting over the weekend. I’ve been trying to hold-off on using the air-con unless absolutely necessary, for a number of reasons:

1) It costs money;
2) It’s bad for the environment;
3) It dries out your skin; and
4) It won’t help us acclimatise.

We gave in Friday night though and switched it on for a bit. I don’t mind the heat during the day but being hot and sticky at night is not very pleasurable. It’s not so bad downstairs in our house but upstairs is a different matter – it’s like a sauna even with all the windows open. We’ve got air-con and a overhead fan in our bedroom but there’s nothing in Lauren’s room or the spare bedroom. We’ve put a standing fan in Lauren’s room but all that’s doing at the moment is moving warm air. It looks like we’ll have to buy air-con units for both rooms. My computer equipment is in the spare bedroom as it doubles up as my office so it’s getting dangerous to turn them on without air-con.

We at least have one reprieve – it’s so nice to be able to go and jump in a swimming pool whenever we want to to cool down!

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