Licenced Boaties

On Saturday, myself and Rach completed an official Boatsafe course and passed the exam which now allows us to hold a Recreational Marine Drivers Licence. This means we’ll be able to take out ‘hire and drive’ motor boats which are 6 metres or less in length. In the future we may even buy a boat of our own.

It was a long day on Saturday. The course started at 7am – not a time I usually see on a Saturday morning! It involved a lot of theory – navigation, lights, safety, chart reading, etc; as well as a practical component which basically meant we each got to take a boat for a spin up and down the Brisbane river.

The exam at the end was ridiculously easy – due to the fact that it was an open-book test, meaning we could actually look the answers up in our course material. If you can read English you can pass the exam!

So I hope any visitors we get bring their sea legs with them as we’ll probably be going out for a spot of sea fishing!

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