We’re getting visitors!

Our first set of visitors from the UK have been confirmed. Rachelle’s sister is coming over with her daughter in November, and my Mum and Dad have booked their flights for next March.

We’re really looking forward to having the chance to show people around so they can see exactly why we’ve moved here.

This is the first place I’ve ever lived where I can actually say I feel proud to live here. It’s such a difference to the depressing drabness of Doncaster and Worksop.

Brisbane is a city of 1.8 million people, yet because it is spread over such a large area it doesn’t feel congested. As a relatively new city, you can also tell that some kind of planning has gone into the layout. One advantage of this is that there are lots of parks and green areas. It seems like nearly every street or neighbourhood is separated by a park. And every house, street and neighbourhood looks different. It has variety and colour. You don’t drive down a street in Brisbane where every house is the same build and look as in the UK.

I think our love for Brisbane has helped dampen down any homesickness we might otherwise have had, or should I say what Rach might have had. I’ve moved around regularly since I was 16 so I new I’d be ok. Whereas in Rachelle’s case, up until now she’s never lived outside of a 20-mile radius of Doncaster, so I was worried that she might find it difficult.

As it happens she’s been fine. Both Rach and Lauren have settled in really well.

And as for me, it’s now nearly 3 months since we arrived here, and although there are people and things in the UK that I miss, I can honestly say I haven’t once had any inkling of regret.

There’s no going back!

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