Last night out in Doncaster

I went out for a few beers with a couple of mates last night in Doncaster. It was pretty quiet for a Friday night – the torrential rain might have had something to do with it although that doesn’t usually put off the Donny folk. I can’t say I’m going to miss Doncaster, or Worksop for that matter (where I’m originally from and where we’re staying now with my parents). I concede that under the Labour government’s tenure there has been vast improvements in our cities, but the same can’t be said of our towns. There’s a world of difference between going on a night out around Manchester or Sheffield compared to Doncaster or Worksop. Worksop in particular seems to have gone seriously downhill since I left in 2000. I may sound like a bit of a snob but I can’t believe the amount of waif and strays wandering the streets, never mind the druggies.

A night out on the town will be a little different in Australia. There certainly doesn’t seem to be the same yobbish binge drinking culture. Listen to me, I used to be part of that culture, especially when I was in the Navy. I guess we all mellow with age, although you wouldn’t believe that on a Friday night out in Doncaster – I don’t think I saw anyone under the age of 25!

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