We’re officially homeless, jobless bums

Everything went to plan yesterday and we handed over the keys to our house. We spent 6 years in that house and we have a lot of very good memories, not least the fact that it was the home we brought Lauren back to after she was born. The neighbours were great and we’ve swapped e-mail addresses so we can keep in touch. It’s a young couple who have bought the house. We left them a bunch of flowers and a bottle of champagne as we know how exciting it is when you move into your first house.

I’m now still busy closing down accounts, making final bill payments etc. We set up mail forwarding yesterday for 3 months to my parents address. I didn’t realise that it takes 5 working days to set up so we should have done it earlier. The new owners have agreed to let us know of any mail we receive between now and next Thursday when we fly.

Still lots more to do…

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