Pre-emigration To-Do List version 1.0

Finally started the to-do list, no doubt this will get updated many times over the coming weeks as we remember other requirements. This is the pre-emigration list, I still need to do the list of all the things we need to do when we get to Oz, e.g. find a job!

So here goes…

Should be doing now

Dig out and organise all personal paperwork

Decide exactly what’s going to be shipped / sold

Investigate options and decide what to do about pensions

Complete car sale, cancel insurance (car No 2) – ask for a copy of No Claims Bonus

Start inventory of all items to be shipped

Get mortgage settlement figure

Should do once exchanged contracts and before we have to move out to parents, prior to emigration

Book flights – decide whether or not to have a stopover, if yes, book accommodation

Sell any unwanted items of furniture and clear out cupboards

Arrange car boot sale of items we don’t want to ship

Arrange shipping to Oz (no need to pack – shippers will do it)

If we decide to take garden furniture, thoroughly clean them ready for shipping (items with soil on will be denied entry at customs)

Arrange for mail to be forwarded and register address changes

Bring council tax and utilities up to date and cancel accounts for TV, Sky, Internet ISP, BT, etc (determine exactly what’s required)

Sort out personal paperwork – Destroy (shred/burn) / Scan / Box

Ask Doctor/Dentist/Optician to prepare hand-over files

Cancel house related direct debits and standing orders

Dig out Oz PAYG sim card

Complete inventory of all items to be shipped and tape relevant inventory lists to boxes

Back up all data to portable hard drive and decide what to do about PC

Should do between exchanging contracts and emigrating

Update CV to make it suitable for the Oz market place

Start job hunting

Get Lauren’s school to prepare hand-over files

Collect all hand-over files from doctor, dentist, optician, schools etc

Register Lauren in new School

Request credit references

Return car to leasing company – cancel car insurance

Open an Oz bank account (Commonwealth, ANZ, Westpac all have an office in London that we can contact online and set the account up)

Set up trading account (investigate best option – HIFX?) and move money out to Oz bank account. Watch exchange rate closely and move money at right time

Sign over company shares to business partner – get P45

Speak to Inland Revenue about paying taxes that will be due

Arrange leaving party

Organise all birthday cards and presents for the next 3 months

Investigate cost/need for private health cover when we get to Oz

Pay off outstanding debts

Close surplus bank accounts and destroy unwanted cards (keep at least one credit card and one UK bank account open – cannot get credit card in Oz without employment)

Arrange for Oz bank cards, etc to be sent to Cath’s in Brisbane.

Arrange travel insurance

Start investigating rental properties in Oz

1 week to go

Buy some currency for Oz, as well as stopover destination (if we decide to stop over)

Prepare Travel File:
Accommodation booking details (if required)
Oz PAYG sim card

Make sure transport to the airport is organised and will arrive in plenty of time for the flight

Check status of shipped goods

Establish who will be coming to the airport to say goodbye.

Pack activity set to amuse Lauren during flight

Make sure address changes and address forwarding is complete

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