Is this the most boring task ever?

All in all, the project I’m working on at the moment is quite interesting. However, the task I’ve been working on for the last couple of days nearly made me lose the will to live.

I’m providing IT security consultancy for a project that’s rolling out over 6000 new PC’s across the company, with an upgraded operating system and standardised build comprising approved operating system settings and ‘rationalised’ applications. One part of the project is to implement a standard ‘Group Policy’ structure which completely locks down each PC to reduce risk.

The task I somehow ended up with this week was, as part of the comms plan, to give a detailed explanation of every group policy setting and the rationale behind why we’re implementing it. The problem is, there’s hundreds of them!

Of course, the answer to the blog post title is no, it’s not the most boring task in the world. I appreciate some people have much more boring jobs, and don’t get the remuneration for it like I do. Even so, it does make me wonder about my career choice!

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