Busy week

One day of work left before my hols! It’s been crazy this week trying to get tasks ticked off before I go. Problem with my job is I can’t really just pass work on while I’m away, it will all be waiting for me when I return.

I got a phone call right out of the blue yesterday from a recruitment agency we use at work to recruit people for my team. It started like this: “Daryl, can we talk confidentially?”. Immediately I thought it would be about my boss who’s recently resigned but in fact, he told me a job had come up with another company which he thought I was perfect for. Now if it wasn’t for the fact that I am actually pissed off with where I work now I would have thought this was a bit of a conflict of interest. My company pays them to find excellent candidates to work for us, not poach our employees away. I guess that’s business.

Anyway the position he wants to put me forward for is for a well-know global IT company and the salary is double what I’m on now. I told him I’m planning to emigrate early next year but he said so what, earn some extra dosh before you leave. One side of me is thinking yes, get in there, earn as much dosh as possible before leaving. The other side is saying you really don’t need the stress. My current job is flexible, I get to work from home a lot and I manage my own workload. I could easily see out the rest of the year where I work and have plenty of time to deal with selling the house and all the other things I need to do to prepare to emigrate. The other thing is I’m jointly running a business on the side which I’ve committed to. We have big plans for the business (at least until I emigrate anyway) but there’s no saying it will actually make any money. Do I really want to start a new highly paid job, which will obviously mean long hours and lots of stress to earn the money, whilst running a separate business and preparing to emigrate? I’m going to send them my CV. Nothing may come of it but I’ve learnt that you always need to leave your options open.

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